" RT @Legendzboxingym: #Repost @BoxingROKus ・・・ Tune in this Monday to theboxingrundown as we have @GoldenBoyBoxinghttps://t.co/w7tPN5z0aI "
" RT @Ryankingry: This is the story of the Kid from Victorville, who was kicked out of the first gym he went to bc he was too “young” forced… "
" #Repost @BoxingROKus ・・・ Today on theboxingrundown we have San Diego’s prospect 3-0… https://t.co/WWX0hdhSaM "
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" #Repost @TomLoeffler1 ・Its going dowm🥊 #CaneloGGG2 May 5, 2018 #canelovsggg @Canelo gggboxing… https://t.co/chZcf26jvX "
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" #Repost alexisrocha777 ・・・ Staying focus, training hard, pushing to my goals. Training hard for… https://t.co/256n4pw7w1 "
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